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Ride To Work Day, Follow-Up

I work in a 5-story office building which shares the parking lot with another just like it. Ten floors of offices, I’m not sure how many employees work here. On a “normal” spring or summer day there are three bikes in the lot – my FZ-6, a Ninja and a Shadow. Today is Ride to […]

A Weekend Day’s Ride

I went for a nice ride this past weekend, about 110 miles in all up into the North Georgia mountains. You know it’s going to be a good ride when you see a sign like this and plenty of roads like this which lead to a destination like this, with plenty of good conversation and […]

Excitement on Today’s Commute

A little excitement today: I was riding the motorcycle southward along Maxwell St, doing about the speed limig safely on my side of the double-yellow, when I was passed by a black Ford F-150 doing what appeared to be double the speed limit. I barely had time to realize he was there and then he […]

Photo Tag-O-Rama

I participate in two online motorcycling communities, and Sport-Touring.Net. Many riders on ADV have begun “Tag-O-Rama” or “Photo Tag” games, in which a rider posts a photo of their motorbike in some particular location, along with a few clues, and others try to figure out where it is. The first person to find the […]

Back In The Saddle Again, Again

Last year I got back into motorcycling after a 14-year hiatus, on a 1994 BMW R11RS. That was a great machine, and I enjoyed riding it quite a bit. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how the bike was ridden or serviced over those years (and 63,000 miles); the gearbox and clutch system turned out to […]

A Fall Ride

I rode my motorcycle right through a red light yesterday. Actually, I rode through several red lights, as did about forty other motorcyclists and drivers of a dozen cars. We were all taking part in the second annual Ride for Will. The ride was very well escorted by LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers), both from the […]

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