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Been a Long Time Coming

Nov 8th 04: “I never thought I’d have broadband… Can you say XBox LIVE! Jay, Steven, fire up the controllers…” April 10th 07: “Rob, are you ready?” This week he finally got his Xbox LIVE account and tonight we got into some games together online. Not only did I get to introduce Rob to some […]

Halo 3 Pick-up Lines

“Hey dude, got your pre-order receipt?” “You didn’t pre-order? Other line, man.” The people were friendly and polite, and the GameStop employees had obviously figured out a reasonably good system; had the lines moving right along once the clock struck midnight. I ran into a few guys I knew from the band, so I wasn’t […]

Halo 3

Gamers everywhere are counting down the final hours to the final release of Halo 3. Tonight’s midnight release may very well be the most-hyped event yet in video game history, with tie-in marking from every angle from action figures to caffeinated drinks. I’ve heard that Bungie and the XBOX LIVE team expect the cumulative time […]

Halo 3 Beta Notes

As we’ve been playing, I’ve been making notes and talking to others in our forums. Here are some random thoughts, mine mixed with other early players’… The three maps we’ve been given so far are more fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys. I’m glad they went with asymmetrical playgrounds without any echoes of Warlock […]

Halo 3 Beta

A few of you with sharp eyes have noticed, while playing on XBox Live, that there are a bunch of us playing Halo 3 already. “Hey, the public beta’s not supposed to start yet,” I can hear you shouting. Well, ok, it’s really just that I can read the emails and XBL messages you’re sending me, […]

Guitar Hero II

I was asked in one of the gamer forums to write about Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 (and PS2, I suppose, since the games are extremely similar), and in particular if it’s appropriate for kids. At it’s core, Guitar Hero is a rythm or coordination game, much like some of the games in Fusion Frenzy. The […]

Halo 3 On The Way

Nov 2nd: “THE Game is Now Pre-Orderable.” today, Posted by Frankie on “The Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta will go live on May 16th at 12:00 AM PDT” Oh man, maybe it’s time to go buy a copy of Crackdown. Rob, are you ready?

Gaming’s Better on a Console

Mr. “Modeps” James is having trouble with PC Gaming: It’s now been a few days of trying to get this stupid game to run. I’ve updated drivers, reinstalled the whole steam client, shut off anything that was running in the background that didn’t need to be… and just nothing works. That was exactly the case […]

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