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What To Do, Part Two

Several weeks back I wrote about posting medium-term priorities at the top of my whiteboard as a way to keep from getting sidetracked. The three stories that I’m working on completing by the end of the week, the three outcomes I’m expecting (or expected) to produce. That continues to work well, though it might be […]

What To Do, What To Do?

If multiple people independently set priorities for your organization, are priorities really set at all? How do you know what to do when you’ve got too many “very important” tasks on your to-do list, and someone brings you another? One suggestion is to stop focusing on tasks. My personality — and I suspect that of […]

No Work Email on Weekends

It’s Friday afternoon, and Tim Sanders has some thoughts on sending work-related email on weekends. These habits can ruin weekends, drive turnover and burnout and weaken relationships. In other words, not a good idea. (Unless you’re writing to schedule a job interview with me , in which case a phone call would probably be better […]

You Get What You Measure

Al Hawkins: Productivity and the Law of Unintended Consequences: I hope they understand that this means an end to the free tech support I’ve been providing, like programming the fax machines and kickstarting the network printers when they hung. No more productivity-enhancing projects, like the wiki and the information entered therein performed during the odd […]

Day 2: Communications

David St.Lawrence was writing the other day about communications. Well, about getting another person to listen to you, which is partly about communicating. As the guys in the sessions I taught would probably tell you — I know I said it more than enough times throughout the course — there’s something I consider paramount to […]

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