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How To Watch

Sean W. writes: I’ve been busy working on a new business: How to Watch. This new business aims to help people find where a movie or TV show is available via online streaming (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant or iTunes). I got sick of having to search on each of the platforms to find “my […]

Watchlist, a Wishlist for Instant Video

So you’re talking with a friend, or overhearing a conversation in Twitter, and someone mentions a TV show or movie that sounds interesting. What’s a good way to remember it for later, in a service that’s easy and relativly inexpensive? Enter Amazon Instant Video’s Watchlist feature. Hop over to Amazon and search for a movie, […]

The Wizard of Oz at 70

Seventy years. 70 Years! Wow, the movie we all know and love and reference in many ways – The Wizard of Oz was released seventy years ago. There is of course an 70th Anniversary Two-Disc Special Edition of the DVD available for purchase – this is almost a “must have” for any video library. If […]

TV’s Digital Switchover

Hey, it’s been a while since I last wrote about buying a new TV, but for some of you the time is coming soon. Or not. Most geeks — and I’d guess most readers here — already know what’s what, but look around. There are plenty of people who don’t, and those of us who […]


Tonight’s the night fans of LOST, J. J. Abrams’ popular TV series, have long been waiting for. Last night, ABC re-aired the final episode of last season along with “pop-up” messages that were supposed to help viewers who’d not watched the series before. I watched that, but seriously — if you’d never seen LOST before […]

HD-DVD’s Final Countdown?

Two more possible defections to the Blu-Ray camp, according to an article in Variety: Daily Variety has confirmed that Universal’s commitment to backing HD DVD exclusively has ended. And Paramount has an escape clause in its HD DVD contract allowing it to release pics on Blu-ray after Warner Bros.’ decision to back that format exclusively. […]

TED – Check it Out

Bored with the junk on TV these days? Check out TED. What was said at TED stayed at TED… but now it doesn’t. The TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference may be “exclusive” but the rest of us can get a taste as well now, thanks to recordings made available via the web (thanks to BMW, […]

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