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Searching Evernote

I use Evernote. A lot. I’d consider it to be a backup for my brain, except that often it’s more like the primary storage instead of backup. Recipes, lists of books, notes on projects, and much more gets dumped into Evernote for future reference. Of course, reference requires good methods for browsing and searching. The […]

Too Many Choices…

I need a new computer, one that I can use for C# and ASP.NET develoment. Over in the Mac world, choosing a new computer — like so many other Mac things — is easy. If you want a laptop there are basicly six choices. Good, Better and Best, as Sears used to say. In the […]

RDP Fun with Vista

Trying to use Remote Desktop (RDP) to connect from a Windows Vista system to a non-Vista system can be challenging:   Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the computer you want to connect to.   My buddy Allen has a solution for that. Everybody say “thanks, dude!”

Spyware Cleanup

Mike McB’s Spyware Cleanup is a good series to read through, to learn just how messed up a Windows system can get and some of the tools to use when (not if) you’re in the same situation. Mike, you’ve got more patience than I do. When I was shown the family PC in similar condition […]

A Clean PC is a Happy PC.

While you’re waiting for the shuttle launch, which apparently now won’t happen until at least Friday morning, take a few minutes to save yourself some time and frustration – go through Tweak3D’ Windows XP 15 Minute Tune-Up: Don’t throw out that old PC yet! A fine-tuned Windows XP PC can run quite fast even it’s […]

Comparing Operating Systems

OS X vs. Windows XP. Now there’s a debate that normally spirals quickly out of control. “You get more viruses.” “You don’t have any games.” “You’re harder to use.” “You cost more.” “Your feet smell.” “Your mother wears combat boots.” Fortunately, this site doesn’t go that way, and is surprisingly fair and balanced. They did […]

Microsoft Security Updates, But Not By Email

From: Microsoft Public Support Subject: Latest Microsoft Security Patch Microsoft Customer, this is the latest version of security update, the “August 2006, Cumulative Patch” update which fixes all known security vulnerabilities… Please don’t fall for this. Microsoft DOES NOT send software updates out via email, certainly not a broadcast email. Synamtec’s anti-virus software found that […]

Windows Vista, OS X

The guys over at have noticed that Windows Vista looks a lot like Mac OS X. That doesn’t really come as much of a surprise, the way that software (in the larger, general sense) evolves; vendors see what works for other companies, “borrow” or “steal” (depending on your point of view) from each other […]

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