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Microsoft Edge: How to remove all content from New Tabs

For many who’ve tried or moved entirely to using Microsoft Edge as their browser, the New Window or New Tab command result in a noisy mess of “news,” ads, and other visual clutter that’s really not wanted.

Microsoft Edge's content-laden New Tab page

To clean up your new tabs or windows, Open Microsoft Edge then paste this URL to the address bar:


Microsoft Edge's Settings/OnStartup page

Next to “Customize your new tab page layout and content,” click the Customize button.

This will open a new tab with the settings pane visible. You’ll want to change Layout (at the top) to Custom, and Content (near the bottom) to Content Off. If you’d like, you can also click Edit Background and choose Background: Off and under Quick Links, choose Off.

rosoft Edge's Page settings pane

This will make all your newly-created browser Windows nice and clean.

rosoft Edge with a clean New Window

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