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The real reason to read is to meet more interesting people than we have time to meet in a lifetime.
– Harold Bloom

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The Silver Robin, by Dean MarshallI’ve been a reader all my life. I remember spending hours and hours browsing the stacks and sitting with a book at libraries though my childhood, under (and inspired by) The Flying Saucer at the historic Hyattsville library, where my mom worked, and later at the now-closed Wilde Lake branch of the Howard County library system.

It wasn’t until 1997 that I began keeping a list of the books I’ve finished reading. As I scroll through that list myself, it strikes me how many of those books can I not only remember reading but also visualize exactly where I was – physically and in my life – when I read them.

This is a mostly-complete list; There are books that I remember reading in the 1980-1996 range but don’t have the exact date so I’ve approximated based on where I recall being while reading them. There are plenty more from earlier years of which I have memories but can’t recall enough detail to identify date, title or author — when the heck did I read Dolphin Island or The White Mountains? Sometime in the mid 1970s under the flying saucer.

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