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One “Last” GTD Post

I’ve been beating the GTD drum recently, and several months ago moved my email, address book and other daily tools to my PowerBook so here’s one last (for the time being anyway) for others who are interested in both who might not be ready to dive into KGTD: an old HawkWings posting, on Getting Things […]

Dig that Verb, Mann.

When you’re trying to dig yourself out, it’s important to know which shovel to use. When you’re trying to Get Things Done, it’s important to know what your verbs mean. If you don’t know your verbs from a hole in the ground, see Merlin’s post. Check it out.

Getting out of the hole.

GTD refers to Getting Things Done, David Allen’s Macintosh-based system for making sure that no task, no decision, no obligation gets missed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mac user, a Windows user, or a Linux user – or indeed someone who uses no computer at all (though I’m not sure how you’d be reading […]

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