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12 years, 7 months and 4 days Ago

In 1998, I was working for Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) and the NASA Payload Data Management Systems group at Kennedy Space Center was one of my customers. I was able to schedule an onsite visit for December, right at the time of a scheduled shuttle launch, and they got me tickets to the turn basin […]

College Football

The younger of our two sons is now also off to college, and my wife & I had an opportunity to visit with him on campus of Auburn University this past weekend. We also used TicketCity to get a couple of seats for the football game, and boy are we glad we did! We’ve been […]

Photo Tag-O-Rama

I participate in two online motorcycling communities, and Sport-Touring.Net. Many riders on ADV have begun “Tag-O-Rama” or “Photo Tag” games, in which a rider posts a photo of their motorbike in some particular location, along with a few clues, and others try to figure out where it is. The first person to find the […]

From the Parade

“The City of Alpharetta and the American Legion Post 201 will hold the 56th Annual Old Soldiers Day Parade. The parade is just one way that our country‚Äôs war veterans are recognized for the service. The Old Soldiers Day Parade began years ago as a tribute to veterans of the war between the states, but […]

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