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A Ride to Milledgeville

It was a beautiful day and I got out of the office a little early; we’d moved my son into his college apartment this past weekend but he’d forgotten a couple of little things — a perfect excuse for a ride. I took a camera along but of course didn’t take as many pictures as I’d like, but anyway… I took the GPS along; here’s the track (and clicking on it will get you the real map).
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Once out of Atlana’s traffic, the country road opened up nicely.

The Road Ahead

There was quite a delay near the town of Oak Hill, with traffic stopped due to road resurfacing. That was a little frustrating, but I was fortunate to be stopped in the shade of a large tree, right next to a couple of beauties set out on display:

For Sale
47 Ford for sale

Without too much delay things got moving again. I just happened to look down at the instrument panel at the right moment and had to stop for a photo.

Passing Through a Milestone

It was a beautiful afternoon passing through the countryside, crossing Lake Sinclair…

Jackson Lake, GA

…and passing through small towns. Here’s Monticello:

Monticello GA

Monticello GA Town Square

I did get to Milledgeville and had a nice dinner with my son and got on the way back home as the sun was going down. I’d passed an example of a cultural icon, the small country church, on my way and wanted to be sure I stopped on the way back. I hadn’t noticed the power lines; I need to find another one that’s without “modern” visual obstructions.

St. Mary Baptist Church

I’d started out about 3:30pm and returned home at about 10:45, it was a long day including work before the ride and dinner in the middle. Long but very satisfying.

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  1. It was perfect weather for a ride yesterday, glad you got to take the bike out! Monticello looks like a nice little town to pass through =)

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