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from Robert’s concert, Friday night… here’s the whole photo set. The show was a great success, from several perspectives. It not only raised the funds needed, it brought together a whole bunch of folks for a night of good music and worship. Good times indeed.

Vision, this Friday

Come enjoy a night of Contemporary Christian Rock! Vision is a collection of local Christian musicians who are coming together for a good cause. The show starts at 7:30 and includes performances by Taylor Martin, James Vore, and The Mission, and guest speaker Marvin Fullilove. Vision is family friendly and all are invited. Bring friends! […]

Harris Road Resurfacing This Week

Harris Road is usually busy in the morning and evening hours, a shortcut between Rucker Road to the west corners of Alpharetta and Highway 9. This week things are going to be even messier, as this morning the road resurfacing crew came in to start work. The road wasn’t in horrible condition, but it was […]

Earth Hour

Last Year, the 2.2 million people and 2100 businesses of Sydney, Australia turned off their lights for an hour — for some just a symbolic gesture perhaps, but it’s estimated that the measurable result was a 10.2% energy reduction across the city. This year there are 24 cities world-wide participating in Earth Hour. Here in […]


Here’s something interesting about the State of Georgia that — despite the fact that I’ve lived here for fifteen years — I just learned today. Rather than specifying a party (or Independent) when registering to vote, and thus only being able to vote in that party’s primary, Georgia residents just register as voters. No party […]

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