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Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2008

Last Year, the 2.2 million people and 2100 businesses of Sydney, Australia turned off their lights for an hour — for some just a symbolic gesture perhaps, but it’s estimated that the measurable result was a 10.2% energy reduction across the city.

This year there are 24 cities world-wide participating in Earth Hour. Here in Atlanta, I know that lots of people are planning outdoor parties this evening. I don’t know how much the measurable energy savings will be, but it’s certainly a good opportunity to get together, enjoy the springtime blooming around us, and talk about the event and what it can mean to us.

Earth Hour isn’t just about reducing energy use for an hour. It’s about thinking ahead and talking about what you, your neighbors and your co-workers can do on a more long-term basis.

For the skeptics in the audience, think of it this way: saving energy isn’t just some goody-goody save-the-planet global warming thing. Saving energy also means saving our families and businesses money — and that’s something I’m sure we can all get behind.

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