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Searching Evernote

I use Evernote. A lot. I’d consider it to be a backup for my brain, except that often it’s more like the primary storage instead of backup. Recipes, lists of books, notes on projects, and much more gets dumped into Evernote for future reference. Of course, reference requires good methods for browsing and searching. The […]

Comparing Operating Systems

OS X vs. Windows XP. Now there’s a debate that normally spirals quickly out of control. “You get more viruses.” “You don’t have any games.” “You’re harder to use.” “You cost more.” “Your feet smell.” “Your mother wears combat boots.” Fortunately, this site doesn’t go that way, and is surprisingly fair and balanced. They did […]

Comparing Folders

Here’s a Mac OS X tip I came across the other day that you may find useful. On your Tiger Install DVD is a Developer Tools package, including a little utility called FileMerge. It’s normally used to compare two text files. You’d just drag two text files into the drop zones and it would show you […]

Windows Vista, OS X

The guys over at have noticed that Windows Vista looks a lot like Mac OS X. That doesn’t really come as much of a surprise, the way that software (in the larger, general sense) evolves; vendors see what works for other companies, “borrow” or “steal” (depending on your point of view) from each other […]

Tully Mars

I’ve been asked by a few folks where the name for my new PowerBook came from. World, meet my new PowerBook, named TullyMars. First of all, for all the Windows users in the audience, it’s been a long tradition for Mac people to name their computers. Windows systems do have names, but PC users normally […]


Way back when, in the dim dark recesses of time – the 1980’s – the first computers I used were of the Apple variety, Apple ][, ][+ and //e to be exact. My father tells of a time even before that where I would mess around on the TRS-80s at the mall Radio Shack, but […]

Windows On Mac-on-Intel, Revisited

January 12: “Will we be able to run Windows on an Intel Mac?” Today’s news: Apple Senior Software Architect Cameron Esfahani when asked whether Intel Macs should easily run Vista, replied “I don’t think so.” Windows is a legacy OS. We don’t have legacy support. Note the use of the word “easily.” [later] never underestimate […]

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