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OS X and Xterm

Here’s a follow-on to yesterday’s OS X Terminal tip. Folks coming to OS X from the Unix/Linux world may be wondering about Terminal – why aren’t we just using Xterm? Xterm does exist on OS X systems but it requires X11 to run, while Terminal is a native application providing very similar capability. The differences […]

OS X Terminal

I’ve passed along a few Mac tips before… Common Navigation Keystrokes in OS X, Windows Formatting Big FAT32 Volumes OS X Hints for Windows users … and here’s one for Terminal. If you’re a vi or Emacs user and want to be able to use the mouse to move your cursor, visit Terminal’s Preferences and […]

Windows On Mac-on-Intel

Ever since Steve Jobs announced that they’d be moving to Intel chips, one of the major questions on people’s minds (well, geeks’ minds) has been “Will we be able to run Windows on an Intel Mac?” The Apple party line at MacWorld seems to be “we won’t support that” – which is completely fair and […]

OS X Hints for Windows Users

Ok, I’ve got some answers to some Mac questions that were bothering me. We can just make today Mac OS X Hints for Windows Users day, perhaps the first of several. Is there a way to lock the desktop? When I leave my desk, I’m supposed to lock the system – Control-Alt-Delete, then Lock Computer […]

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