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Golden OneNote

Congratulations to Chris and his team — purple hair & all — as OneNote goes “Gold” (along with the rest of Office 2007). With 2007, OneNote has grown up to be much more than that description. OneNote 2007 is now a lightweight collaboration tool for small groups and teams. Shared notebooks, wiki-like functionality, and the […]

Hiding OneNote Under a Bushel

Like Mike McBride, I really like Microsoft OneNote. I’ve been a long-time OneNote user (since it’s first public beta) and have been part of the non-public beta for the upcoming version. Back in November I even told Chris Pratley that it was the one application keeping me from making the switch to OS X. Obviously, […]

Who’s Heard of OneNote?

Mike: “OneNote is one of the best things Microsoft has done lately. … But there are still lots of people who’ve never heard of it.” Right. I was on a meeting yesterday, taking notes in OneNote and everyone could see via NetMeeting. The folks I was meeting with aren’t stupid, or out-of-touch, but they’d never […]

OneNote Demo Video

I’ve used Microsoft OneNote off and on since its public beta, but never have gotten into the habit of making it the “one place for all my notes” that it wants to be. Mostly that’s because my co-workers don’t use it and so sharing information with them wouldn’t be as seamless as it could. This […]

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