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April Fun

I’m not usually one for pulling (or even attempting) pranks on the first day of the fourth month, but yesterday evening I happened to think of how many times over the past year or so I’d joked that I was going to do something in particular. The day was right, so I got together with […]

Sending Full-Rez Photos from Your iPhone

I came across an interesting article today, Email Full-resolution Photos From the iPhone 3G S. The article applies to the non-‘S’ model, too, and probably to the earlier non-3G as well. iPhone users should give it a read; I hadn’t even payed enough attention to notice that sending photos via the obvious method does not send the […]

Print Resolution

Stephen A. asked a question this morning, how many pixels are needed to get a good large print. My assumption is that he means from a photo printing shop, not from his home inkjet printer. I’ve had this chart for a while, though I don’t remember where I got it from — probably either SmugMug, […]

Roger Ebert on Composition

While Photography has a great deal of technical aspects to it — you’ve got to get the “right” amount of light to the film/sensor but you only have three real controls, each of which also changes another aspect of the picture — the biggest part of photography and perhaps the hardest to teach is composition. […]

Photo Caption Contest Followup

There were several replies, in comments here and elsewhere, to my challenge last week: The wind will change and your face will stick like that… [Andy] If you keep making jokes about my squinty eyes, I’ll start talking about your landing strip hair cut. And what are those on the front of your face, runway […]

You Suck…

You Suck At Photoshop, via Ernie. Good stuff – funny, informative. Well, ok, so it’s only somewhat funny and then in a twisted sort of way, and if you’ve worked with PS for a while you probably already know most of this, and some of the audio’s probably “not safe for work” though that might […]

Family Portraits

I spent some time at the home of some friends this morning, making their family portraits for them. I don’t take the opportunity for photo shoots like this as often as I’d like. It was an enjoyable experience, and in about an hour of shooting (and a little over an hour in post) I was […]


When you’re going around the house (and car) resetting from daylight savings time, don’t forget that your cameras have clocks as well. And take the time to remember to check the batteries in your home’s smoke detectors, too.

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