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Sending Full-Rez Photos from Your iPhone

I came across an interesting article today, Email Full-resolution Photos From the iPhone 3G S. The article applies to the non-‘S’ model, too, and probably to the earlier non-3G as well.

TreeiPhone users should give it a read; I hadn’t even payed enough attention to notice that sending photos via the obvious method does not send the full 2048×1536 image.

That’s right — If, to send a photo from your iPhone, you go to the photo in the Photos app, tap the Share button, followed by the Email Photo button, you’re only sending a 600×800 image.

Don’t feel bad, I’ve been doing the same thing.

If you’re sending the photo to another person, that may be enough, but if you’re sending your image to flickr or other photo-sharing services it’s worth sending the highest resolution possible.

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