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Lake Lanier

Here in the southeastern corner of the U.S., we’ve had beautiful weather for the past year or so. Beautiful for people who enjoy doing things outdoors — from sports and camping to picnics and walking the dog. Sunshine and little-to-no precipitation. The downside to all that sunshine and lack of precipitation is… the lack of […]

Alpharetta Scarecrows

Each year Alpharetta invites classes in local schools to create scarecrows to decorate Main Street, the Scarecrow Harvest. This is the entry from Hilary’s first grade class at King’s Ridge. He’s a mixture of the Cowardly Lion (head), Scarecrow (torso and arms) and Tin Man (legs) from the L. Frank Baum’s classic story, The Wizard […]

Marching Season Once Again

It’s football — and Marching Band — season once again, which means my Friday nights are pretty booked… hanging out in the stands with the kids, then roaming the sidelines, all workin’ to capture the moments of youth. It’s a lot of fun for me. This past Friday’s game at Milton started in the rain, […]

A 9-11 Rememberance

Of course I knew what day today was, but the emotion didn’t really hit me until I stopped by the school. One of the Milton High School’s young ladies, as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project, ‘planted’ 3000 flags and worked to have kids in the school write letters to soldiers expressing their […]

Monday Morning Excitement

My wife and I awoke with a start at about 3 this morning, and my son immediately came running down the hall asking if we’d heard a noise. We most certainly had, though I wasn’t sure if it was just part of a dream until he asked. This was no dream. We checked around and […]

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