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Look Ma - No Hands!

Marching Season Once Again

It’s football — and Marching Band — season once again, which means my Friday nights are pretty booked… hanging out in the stands with the kids, then roaming the sidelines, all workin’ to capture the moments of youth. It’s a lot of fun for me.

This past Friday’s game at Milton started in the rain, so our kids went with a somewhat less-formal “uniform” than normal. It was also the annual 8th-grade night, bringing next year’s potential freshman band members in for a night of fun.

Saturday was much drier, which was a good thing because the band was headed to the Fulton County Marching Band Exhibition, the first time the show’s really been put on public display in front of adjudicators.

Snare Line

For the second year in a row members of the band are elevated, playing on top of the props. Fun times!

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