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The Dark Tower and Beyond

A few weeks back I read a Stephen King’s The Gunslinger, based on the recommendation of a friend and commented that it was a “fascinating story.”

Big understatement.

Seek thee the tower?When Bryant recommended The Dark Tower series, I joked that he’d be to blame if I couldn’t sleep for a week. I meant that I’d be too spooked to snooze, given my previous history with Stephen King novels. As it turns out, I was barely able to sleep but it had nothing to do with horror – I just couldn’t stop reading. Books 2, 4 and 7 were, in my mind, the best parts of the story. King about lost me as a reader when he went “meta” in book 6, but Bryant told me to hang in there, to “stand and be true,” and all would come together. I’m glad I did.

Back in June of 1970, Stephen King began a tale that ended up some 4080 pages and many years later. He says that there are connections between this epic and all his other books, that “Roland’s world actually contains all the others of my making.” With The Dark Tower, as in so many things, “I’m finished” really means “I’ve just begun.”

Say true. Say thankya. Start with The Gunslinger, you won’t be disappointed.

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