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Gaming’s Better on a Console

Mr. “Modeps” James is having trouble with PC Gaming:

It’s now been a few days of trying to get this stupid game to run. I’ve updated drivers, reinstalled the whole steam client, shut off anything that was running in the background that didn’t need to be… and just nothing works.

That was exactly the case in our house a few years back. My oldest son liked playing Half Life/Counterstrike, but every time he wanted to play, he had to start with 30 minutes of re-install this, re-config that… and then maybe it would work. That’s when I decided to buy my first console since Mario & Duck Hunt in 1988 on the original NES.

We got a Microsoft Xbox, then joined Xbox LIVE and of course now are gaming with folks all across the land using LIVE and the Xbox 360. With just a few minor (and mostly flash-based) exceptions, I haven’t looked back.

I know the Games For Windows folks are counting on a resurgence of gaming on the PC, especially with the coming of Vista and the service formerly known as Live Anywhere, and I hope it works well. For XP and previous systems though, Modeps is right, the experience was “just not worth the effort.”

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  1. …and yet I never learned as I still have Counter-Strike installed on my laptop these days.

    although it does work now!

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