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Look Ma - No Hands!

Excitement on Today’s Commute

Maxwell Road, Alpharetta GA

A little excitement today: I was riding the motorcycle southward along Maxwell St, doing about the speed limig safely on my side of the double-yellow, when I was passed by a black Ford F-150 doing what appeared to be double the speed limit. I barely had time to realize he was there and then he was gone… followed by an unmarked car with blue lights flashing. When I got to Westside Parkway, I could see that the truck had blown through the red light down toward Fanfare Way, and the LEO followed.

I chose not to follow them, though I would have liked to see what went on and how it ended. I have friends who are officers and know that they really don’t like having extra citizens around that they have to watch out for should the person they’re chasing decide to pull a weapon.

It was a bit un-nerving though, how quickly they appeared; I heard the truck before I saw it, and it really was already pulling into the oncoming lane to go around me at that point. I’m not sure if I should be displeased with myself for not checking the mirrors more often or not — thinking back to that section of road and the incident, I’m estimating that the truck wouldn’t have been visible behind me for more than about 3 seconds by the time it caught up with and passed me.

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