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A Weekend Day’s Ride

I went for a nice ride this past weekend, about 110 miles in all up into the North Georgia mountains. You know it’s going to be a good ride when you see a sign like this

A Sign of Good Times Ahead...

and plenty of roads like this


which lead to a destination like this, with plenty of good conversation and cold iced tea

Two Wheels Only

Click on that last picture, btw, for a much better view of Two Wheels Only. It (the photo, not the motorcycle resort) was built with Hugin. I’ve mentioned it before, and friend Allen discovered it this past week. Highly recommended (both the photo-stitching software and the resort).

Motorcycle Parking Only


  1. That road sounds like it would be fun on the kind of two-wheeled vehicles I like to ride as well.

  2. there were several bicycles on the road – zooming on the downhill side of the mountain but on the uphill side it sure didn’t look like much fun. ;-)

    This is the good part of the ride:

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