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Blood Diamond

It’s early yet, but this may just be the movie to see in 2007. It definitely is the one to see this month, while it’s still in theatres. My son and his girlfriend were going to the movies and invited my wife and me to come along. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too interested in […]

Way to Go, Boise State!

Congratulations go to Boise State, and thanks too for a very entertaining game. Last night’s Fiesta Bowl game was the most exciting, fun-to-watch game that I’ve seen in a long time. The Broncos had heart and played an excellent game, coming back from behind with a 50-yard play on fourth-and-eighteen and touchdown to take the […]


I’m not sure where my friend and former neighbor Jason found this (somewhere on, I’d suspect), but as he says, it’s “brilliant.” If you’ve ever watched an episode of (or ad for) 24, check it out.

Why Buy Last Decade’s Tech?

Over on Blather de la semaine, Geren’s writing about buying a new TV. He writes all about the various formats of HD, but then finally ends with this recommendation: …look for sets that are SDTV with an ATSC tuner, and know that you’ll have a set that will continue to work for years to come. […]

Looking for LOST Archives

I promise, this weblog is not going to turn into a journal of Battlestar Galactica and LOST watchings, but I do have one question for those of you who are fans. I’m looking around and there are plenty of podcasts about LOST, and many if not most of them are also available through the iTunes […]

The Lost Experience

Ok, here’s something for the LOST fans who haven’t yet heard about the Alternate Reality Game – likely only three of you by now. Check into this article: More ‘Lost’ than ever. Then stop by these folks’ site where they’re collecting clues. And yes, ABC’s got a few new fans in our household.

BSG: Humanity’s Interesting

About the inital Cylon attack in Battlestar Galactica’s miniseries, Dave R. writes: The battlestar Galactica survived by virtue of its being obsolete and on the verge of retirement, thus making it a low-priority target. The other, and perhaps as important reason being of course that Commander Adama distrusted technology and had kept Galactica purposefully low-tech, […]

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