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Why Buy Last Decade’s Tech?

Over on Blather de la semaine, Geren’s writing about buying a new TV. He writes all about the various formats of HD, but then finally ends with this recommendation:

…look for sets that are SDTV with an ATSC tuner, and know that you’ll have a set that will continue to work for years to come.

70's TV with rabbit earsGood God, why would anyone want to buy an SD display these days? What’s next, telling ’em they should to buy a VCR to watch movies? On a 12 black & white with rabbit ears?

I’m only partly joking, G., but I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone to buy anything but an HD display these days unless only ever watching PBS news and old comedies from the BBC.

Here’s just one example: for the same $379 he’s suggesting to spend, if you don’t mind a little lesser-known (though, I’m told, still good quality) brand, BestBuy’s got an Insignia 27″ Flat-Tube HDTV. It’s not an untra-cool slim LCD or plasma (or even 16:9, which is kindof odd), but you won’t be kicking yourself when you come home from your friends’ house next week, realizing how crappy your DVDs and games look on SD. Or as you realize that more of your favorite shows are becoming available in HD each month, for just a few bucks more to the cable company.

but hey, that’s from a tech geek’s perspective, I may be just a bit biased toward the future.

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