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Blood Diamond

It’s early yet, but this may just be the movie to see in 2007. It definitely is the one to see this month, while it’s still in theatres.

My son and his girlfriend were going to the movies and invited my wife and me to come along. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too interested in this movie, but after seing it I can’t recommend it enough. Leonardo DiCaprio does a pretty good job, but the main character is really brought to life by Djimon Hounsou.

Blood Diamond is a story set during a war so there’s plenty of action, but the story is much deeper than “just another war movie.” Solomon Vandy is a Mende fisherman in Sierra Leone during the 1990’s civil war. He’s taken by the revolutionaries and forced into the diamond fields, but he’s got only one goal – to reunite his family.

My family. My home. I lost everything!

DiCaprio’s character, Danny Archer, is a mercenary smuggler who ends up helping – or using – Solomon. Archer is driven by his greed, but Solomon stays focused.

Go. Watch Blood Diamond. You’ll be surprised by the depth of emotion not only portrayed by the actors, but also felt by the audience.

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