Playful Portraits

This past week Milton hosted a Valentine’s evening dance featuring the Glenn Miller Orchestra. I’d been asked to make portraits for the couples, which I did. It was my first “real” portrait shoot and I’m pretty happy with the way it went.

Several students were helping get the room set up when I arrived, so I grabbed a couple of them to help me calibrate the lights and exposure.

Adam and Charlie

smiling pirateIt was all good horseplay, no boys were injured in the making of this photograph (no matter the expression on his face)

By the way, I post more pictures on my flickr and smugmug sites than I write about here. Both of those photo services have the ability to provide feeds, so if you really want to see all the photos I post you can subscribe to those [f, s].

A Friendly Horse

I’ve passed this horse just about every weekday morning, usually before the sun comes up. I look at where the sun’ll be rising and think “someday I’ve got to come by here a little later when the pasture’s nicely lit.” Today was the day.

Friendly Horse

It’s hard to get a picture of a friendly horse. There was a road behind me and he just keept getting closer and closer and closer and closer…

Two Faces

Two photos from this weekend’s band fund-raiser, an all night Rock-A-Thon.

sv20060128.015128.084 sv20060127.230804.061

click on either for a larger version

Neither are the greatest portrait in the world, but it was somewhere around 2am in a high school cafeteria. More pictures can be seen here.

Two Abandoned Buildings

It’s been a few days since I made the time and effort to make sure I had the camera with me, but today I got a few shots.

Abandoned Building #1

These two buildings were both about 20 meters off the road, the sort of thing your eyes might see but that you might not really notice as you drive right by. I know I have, but today because I had the camera in the seat next to me and was thinking about keeping my eyes open, I saw them.

Abandoned Building #2

As I continued home after getting these images, I realized that there are plenty more such buildings along the roadways right here in the midst of suburbia – I could immediately think of 3 without even trying hard. Perhaps over the next few days I’ll visit some of them and even find more.

Today’s Photo of Saturday’s Event

I was cautioned about the Photo-A-Day goal not to set the bar too high; “Picture a day means lots of editing. Great if you have the time EVERY day. Don’t set a goal too high, work your way up to daily.” That’s ok, I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t hit the goal. As I say in my flickr profile, I’ve already missed a few days, but even if I get 3-4 each week that’ll be more than last year and will achieve the real goal – to improve through practice and feedback. I’m not doing too badly so far.

And then there are days with more important things happening than photography.

Jeep Damage

This is the result of a slight mis-judgement and then over-correction on Saturday which ended up with my oldest son’s Jeep in a ditch, wheels upturned, and two boys hanging from their seatbelts. Neither James nor his friend were hurt. At the on-scene officer put it, it was as simple a low-speed single-car accident as can be. A valuable learning for the two guys in the Jeep and two other friends who saw it happen.

Suburban Barriers

Suburban Barriers

The property fence of one subdivision hides a silt barrier around an ugly vacant lot — but only from the residents of the subdivision, not from passersby on the main street.

This wasn’t really the photo I’d stopped for; there are two water towers in the distance, visible through some trees, and I was intreagued by the combination of towers and trees over the subdivision. Walking back to the car, though, the two fences caught my eye and I liked the not-quite-parallel lines leading away down the hill. I’m not sure what the dates and distances spray-painted on the silt fence mean. Almost every silt fence I see has them, though.