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Look Ma - No Hands!

Today’s Photo of Saturday’s Event

I was cautioned about the Photo-A-Day goal not to set the bar too high; “Picture a day means lots of editing. Great if you have the time EVERY day. Don’t set a goal too high, work your way up to daily.” That’s ok, I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t hit the goal. As I say in my flickr profile, I’ve already missed a few days, but even if I get 3-4 each week that’ll be more than last year and will achieve the real goal – to improve through practice and feedback. I’m not doing too badly so far.

And then there are days with more important things happening than photography.

Jeep Damage

This is the result of a slight mis-judgement and then over-correction on Saturday which ended up with my oldest son’s Jeep in a ditch, wheels upturned, and two boys hanging from their seatbelts. Neither James nor his friend were hurt. At the on-scene officer put it, it was as simple a low-speed single-car accident as can be. A valuable learning for the two guys in the Jeep and two other friends who saw it happen.

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