A Photo A Day

Scott's House

I’m joining Tommy W. and others who’ve put forth a resolution to capture at least one image every day.

Today I stopped by to see what’s left of a friend’s house. While we were gone for Christmas vacation, Scott had a fire at his house. This is what’s left of the carport. The wall to the left lead to his living room, the plywood to in the center of the picture covers the wall to his former office.

Everyday Photography

I’ve tried to get more in the habit of carrying my camera around more, shooting on a more regular basis rather than just taking it to specific events. This Christmas vacation was a good time for that, just keeping my eyes open and taking pictures of whatever I saw. Here’s a view out the passenger window while my son was driving.

Columbia Town Center
Columbia, MD

This was a grey overcast day, with very little contrast. It’s not an image that’s likely to win any awards but I think it captures the “feel” of the day.

Let ’em Know You Care

As the nation pauses today to remember the attack on Perl Harbor, let’s also take some time to think of our currently-serving troops. It really doesn’t matter if you agree with President Bush’s policy or not, the fact is that the guys and gals are there – thousands of miles from home – while most of us are snug in our homes and getting ready for the upcoming holidays.

Our friend, currently serving in Iraq
An 18 year-old friend of mine. Six months ago he was graduating from high school and working on his Eagle Scout project. Now he’s a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps, serving in Iraq.

If you don’t have a family member in the service, ask around – it’s likely that one of your friends, co-workers or fellow students does. Find out what they need “over there” and put a care package together. Get a nice card and take some time to write a heartfelt note. If you honestly can’t find anyone, check out Any Soldier and similar groups.

As they say, though, “this is about SUPPORT, not just STUFF!
A LETTER, from you, your children, the kids at church or school, is THE BEST THING to send.
A show of personal support is far better than spending a bunch of money that you don’t have.”

Football-less Friday

It feels really strange, now that High School football season is over; it’s Friday and I don’t have a game to shoot. I got a fair number of pictures in the local weekly newspaper this season, and last week I got an assignment to cover the Georgia AAAAA Volleyball Championship match.

Milton’s girls fought hard, barely losing to Northview in a fifth-game tiebreaker and thus taking second place.

A Front Page Photo

Another week, another newspaper sale (the 9/8 issue, I’m just late in ‘blogging).

This time, they used this shot of “the Braveheart Boys” on the front cover. These guys paint themselves up to look like they’ve got football jerseys on and augment the cheerleaders.

the Braveheart Boys, storming into the stadium
click for larger image.

A black & white version of this shot, the first touchdown in Milton’s new stadium, accompanied the article about the game.

First offical game touchdown in Milton's new stadium

There was also a full-page spread about the game, the first in Milton’s new stadium, which had three of my shots including this stitched-together panorama:

Panorama of Milton's new stadium
click for larger image.

Yea, I’m pleased. [grin]

Reflections In The Rain

Last night’s practice was a rainy one; here’s an attempt at getting a little more creative than usual.

pictures of one sousaphone player reflected in another's instrument.
click on the image for a larger version

This is a shot of Paul, or more accurately his reflection in a fellow sousaphone player’s instrument. I’d been trying to get this shot during the past few rehearsals, and the rain just made it that much more interesting.

By the way, the curves of the sousaphone’s bell are such that getting another player’s reflection without getting myself in the picture as well is pretty difficult.

Refreshing Spray on a Hot Day

Today’s picture comes from this past weekend’s car wash, financial benefits of which went to the MHS Band’s drumline for equipment, uniforms and such.

'Special K' cools her friends on a very hot Atlanta day
click on the image for a larger version

The thermometers said 100f, and with the humidity added in the ‘heat index’ was somewhere just shy of 110, so the kids were doing whatever it took to keep cool — and to have fun of course. Here, “Special K” takes a quick break from cleaning my truck to send a shower over her friends.


This week’s Photo Friday Challenge (thank you, Geren, for the pointer) is “One.”

picture of a solitary high school football player on the sideline
click on the image for a larger version

This image breaks the “rule of thirds” and probably other conventions as well, but as a first entry I think it’ll do. Standing alone, this picture of a high school football player gives the viewer no clue about what else is going on – is this before, during or after the game; are they winning or loosing or just practicing? The details are left for you to fill in with your own imagination or memory.

Today also marks my first day as a “real” freelance photographer, having just talked with the managing editor of the local newspaper last night. Starting with tonight’s football game, I’ll be rushing back home, editing and submitting high school sports photos for submission. No, financial freedom and retirement will not be imminent.