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Believe. Trust. Give.

Al‘s tagline always catches my eye. Believe nothing. Trust no one. Give oxygen. I’ve given blood before. Some people give bone marrow, others have given organs. Given that the human body takes in oxygen and returns carbon dioxide (at least, that’s the rumor goin’ round), I’m not sure how I can “give oxygen.” Al, care […]

Accidents and Emergence

I had barely started Steven Johnson‘s 2001 book Emergence last night – indeed I was still in the first two dozen or so pages – when the TV show my wife was watching caught my ear. The Screen Actors Guild awards show was showing clips from Crash and giving a short description of it’s premise. […]

Every Three Seconds, a Person Dies

During the concert Bono also makes an empassioned plea for aid to help reduce poverty, asking everyone who’s concerned to send a text message. I don’t know if the number he gave is still a good one or not, but the organization’s there. Check out, watch the video, read Bono’s Q&A [NY Times registration […]

What’d Bono Say?

I was watching the Vertigo concert DVD (thank you, Brennan) the other night, and at one point Bono puts on a bandana with some graffiti. As I transcribed his comments (yea, I do strange things sometimes), I wasn’t able to hear completely and missed one or more words – see the quote below. When I […]

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