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Class of 2006

In many parts of the country, June is “Dads and Grads” time, but here in the Atlanta area High School Graduation is a bit earlier. This is the final week of school, with finals today through friday. For many of the seniors who already completed all their work, yesterday’s Senior Breakfast was the last time […]

Become ONE

In January, I wrote about Bono and, spreading the word about global poverty and the need for it’s end. I’m no Bono and I know I don’t have the size of his audience, but I’m going to do my bit. So here’s a challenge for you. This Tuesday evening, May 23, for the first […]

BSG: Humanity’s Interesting

About the inital Cylon attack in Battlestar Galactica’s miniseries, Dave R. writes: The battlestar Galactica survived by virtue of its being obsolete and on the verge of retirement, thus making it a low-priority target. The other, and perhaps as important reason being of course that Commander Adama distrusted technology and had kept Galactica purposefully low-tech, […]

Teenage Wasteland

It’s springtime in the Atlanta area. That means that the flowers and plants are blooming, the pollen is flying, and the trees are draped with TP. For some unknown reason, high school students in this area have a tradition known euphemistically as the “Junior-Senior War.” I prefer to call it by it’s proper name – […]

Spring Break Once More

It’s that time once again, and I’m heading off with my other son this time ’round. Three years ago my older son and I spent a week as part of a 20-person crew sailing the Florida Keys. This year I’m taking my younger son and his friends. We won’t be aboard the Gypsy this time; […]

Freedom is Ageless

Freedom begins when you tell Mrs. Grundy to go fly a kite Robert A. Heinlein Apparently that doesn’t apply if you’re a student in 21st Century United States. There’s been quite a flap this past week about kids and their use of the web. To me, there are three different topics getting mixed up together. […]

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