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Look Ma - No Hands!

Tim: “The sports media gang is smug in their belief that, unlike American Idol, they are TIVO-proof. You have to watch the games in real-time, right?”




  1. I do have to watch the games in real time. I have almost no interest in seeing games that have already happened with the exception of pre-season NFL football. Then I was happy just to have football to watch because I made it a point not to pay any attention to pre-season results. But once the season starts for college and pro football, I am too involved and know too much about what is happening–and with the sports tickers and in-game commentary–I can’t avoid knowing what is happening in other games.

  2. the way I watch them (and pretty much what Tim recommends), I get to the end of the game about the same time as the rest of the world… I just start later and get there faster :-)

  3. I will admit to *completely* time-shifting Formula 1 races from Europe though – I like to get a little more sleep on Sunday mornings than than live-viewing would allow.

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