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Trashy Allied Waste/BFI Service

I’m disappointed in the Alpharetta city services today, specifically the garbage collection done by BFI, now owned by Allied Waste Industries. The photos here are what’s left on our street after the collectors came through.

Garbage Dumped Garbage Dumped

The blue box and white styrofoam are from the new ceiling fan, freshly installed yesterday. I can understand them perhaps not taking that, maybe it’s larger than their rules allow. Most of the loose rubbish, though – including the broken glass – are from items that had been in the trash can they provide. My son saw the truck pull up and watched in surprise as the guy got out of the truck and knocked the can over. He stood the can up, picked up two of the bags that fell out of it – but not the loose trash that did, nor the glass that broke when he dumped the can, used the truck’s mechanical arm to dump the can into the truck, then drove away. He deliberately left the box and loose trash behind.

We’ve called both Allied and the city offices, multiple times, with no satisfaction. They say they’ll have a supervisor call us back, but we’ve not heard anything and the trash is still on the ground.

[edit] A storm came through in the evening and started to blow the trash around, so we went out and cleaned much of it up ourselves. In the meantime, a member of the City Council replied in email (and comments here, bravo!) and said that he’d look into it for us.

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