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Book Recommendations by a Dozen

I was fortunate to spend two days last week with some very smart people as my company hosted a completely non-company-specific, non-tool-specific, non-technology-speicfic peer conference; twelve people in a room discussing the craft and profession of software testing, what changes we see happening and would like to see, and how we might be able to influence them.

On day two the question was raised: “what are you reading or do you recommend?” The following is the list that was produced. This is completely non-edited, everyone was welcome to post their recommendations and talk a bit about them. I am not endorsing all of these; many I’ve not read and a few I’d not even heard of before. Heck, there wasn’t agreement among all the participants on every book, some resulted in quite a discussion.

Note to the participants – I went from our hand-written notes on the wall; if I’ve mis-read something or found the wrong book, please let me know and I’ll update this.

disclosure: all these links are tagged with my Amazon Affiliate code — if you purchase through these links I’ll get a small percentage (which will undoubtedly go toward more book purchases), and I’ll be able to see what books were purchased (but not by whom; Amazon respects your privacy at least that much).


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