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Look Ma - No Hands!


Nerdy guy, pretty girl, obnoxious parents, fast cars, hidden government organizations, chase scenes, giant robots, explosions… good times. Fun movie.


Just make sure you see it in a theater where the projector’s in focus and the sound system doesn’t keep skipping. Truly, there’s less and less compelling me to spend money on such a mediocre experience.


  1. I left Nashville in 1999, right after a big theater-building boom in the area. I had grown used to stadium seating, great sound systems. and new projectors and screens. I just thought that was the way it was. But my time on the West Coast (San Francisco and Seattle areas) turned me away from movie theaters as I encountered decades-old theaters with uncomfortable seats, small screens, out-of-focus movies, and weak sound systems. I supplemented that to some extent with DVDs but I just don’t watch as many movies–or even have the interest in movies–that I once had.

    But things are looking better. The theater closest to me (Regal Crossroads Cinema in Bellevue) just finished a remodel: all stadium seating and upgraded sound, projectors, and screens. The experience is so much better than it used to be and I am starting to look forward to seeing movies at the theater again.

  2. saw it in a drive-in. i think it improved the experience to have the car watching with us.

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