Don’t Show the Video

For whatever it’s worth, I completely agree with Tim Sanders’ Don’t make killers rock stars [part 1] & [part 2].

Sports directors have long ago gotten smart enough to not show streakers or other fans who jump onto the field, knowing that the reason they do it is to get attention. Once the TV stations made it clear that they woudn’t show this nonsense, that there wouldn’t be any attention given, there was no longer a reason to do it.

Now this guy goes on a killing spree, and why? Because he feels he was ignored. He just wants posthumous attention, and probably felt he could get it because of coverage given to others. Let’s stop showing these idiots’ names, pictures, videos and manefestos. That won’t stop them all, but if it even would stop one person from acting out it would be worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Show the Video”

  1. Hello, Steven.

    I agree with your comments about the killer at VA Tech–and others like him.

    Your web page has a nice clean look. I especially like the book list section. Have you also read “Russka,” “Sarum,” and “Forest” by Rutherfurd? I think he’s a super storyteller.

  2. I haven’t, but thanks for mentioning them. I’m not too sure about the particular plugin I’m trying out for the book list – I’ve always had a list (see Books in the top menu, over the banner picure); this plugin makes it easier to have a list with pictures in the sidebar, but it’s library page isn’t as friendly. And it’s a bunch of work to migrate all my books to the new tool. So anyway, I may or may not keep the new tool… but thanks for the feedback on the site.

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