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Tornados In Columbus GA

I was in Columbus Georgia during the tornado-inducing storm Thursday night, in fact Mark and I were in an Outback steak house just before the worst of the storm. The power went out just as we were placing our drink orders, and it didn’t look like it was coming back on very quickly, so we left and headed southward to a Longhorn about 5 miles away. It turns out that was a good move; the tornado came through the very area we’d vacated.

I didn’t have my camera with me that night, probably wouldn’t have been allowed into the damaged area afterwards. These are some of the power company crews getting organized early the next morning.

Morning After Tornado

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  1. I live in fortson ,Ga. i was about 300 yards north of eckards and i could see and hear it come up the street, scary moment.
    here is the path it took.

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