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Al Pacino, Inside the Actor’s Studio

When watching movies on DVD, I really like the “extras,” the looks behind the scene and the interviews with actors, directors and writers. Likewise, one of the non-fiction shows I enjoy is Inside The Actor’s Studio, getting a look into the actors’ lives.

Al Pacino

Today I was watching an interview with Al Pacino, of The Godfather and so many other excellent movies. As a fan of the entire, marvelous, Godfather trilogy, it was fascinating to learn some of Al’s childhood.

Al Pacino’s nickname when very young was “Sonny.” Not only that, but his parents separated when he was young, and he & his mother lived with his maternal grandparents. His grandfather, James, who had lived in the Bronx most of his life, was born in a small town in the Province of Palermo in Sicily… none other than the town named Corleone.

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  1. Dick Cavette did a series of actor interviews very similar to “Inside the Actors Studio” on the Dick Cavette Show. At least one set is available on DVD and includes my favorite Katherine Hepburn.

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