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New Year’s Plan

Ah, the first – fresh new year, full of hope and opportunities. My hope plan for the new year is a new opportunity. I’m very much looking forward to new employment, a new position, to getting back to out-of-the-home productivity (and the paycheck that goes along with it). But not today.

Today’s the day for parades and football on TV, for cleaning up after all the Christmas festivities, and for opening a new calendar. This year I’ve gotten a really great Pirate calendar. Arrr!

It’s also, of course, a day for resolutions. I resolve that I will not smoke a single cigarette. I resolve that I will make more photographs*. I resolve that I will learn (more) Spanish. Nothing grandiose, the little things can make a difference.

* Last year’s target was one image every day, apart from my event photography. While I didn’t hit the target, I did make a lot more pictures than I had been – 127 days of photos in 2006. I aim to at least double that this year. I’ll start with today’s lunch; here’s the 2007 Photo-A-Day set.

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