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Gears of War – Working Together

I know, I know – I decided on Splinter Cell:Double Agent over Gears of War and other games. But this past week I rented and as my XBox 360’s Blog points out I’ve been playing Gears of War with my sons and online friends, and I’m impressed. Graphics, story, music and sounds, and especially the cooperative play.

As fun as multiplayer-battle games are, I have the most fun with games where players are working together toward an objective, and Gears of War‘s co-op shines. Not only can a player join another’s campaign at just about any point without interrupting the story-line, but you’re encouraged and rewarded for doing so. Both players get credit for having completed a section, the second player can earn additional achievements for helping, and both players get credit when one picks up a “COG Tag.” There are sections where cover-fire is just about required to be completed, and as in a real battle whenever one player’s character is injured, the other needs to come back to them and revive them.

In Gears of War, more than any other game I’ve played, co-op really means working together rather than just playing at the same time.

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