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Rumors of Xbox 360 Shortages

PirateT7I haven’t played much Xbox recently; we’ve been busy and it doesn’t help that the good TV’s out of commission. I’m looking forward to Xbox 360, though we may not get one the first week or two of release – we didn’t pre-order.

There are rumors that even those who did pre-order may not get theirs anyway. This was recently posted on one of the forums, by an assistant manager at an EBGames:

I just learned today that we are only getting TWENTY NINE X-Box 360’s on launch day, so I just wanted to tell you all to goto your local EBGames/Gamestop and ask them if they are going to have enough X-Box’s for everying.

His story is somewhat backed up by this Arstechnica item.

True? Not true? Time will tell. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

update: I’m told that the number of Xbox 360 units initally shipped to each retailer may be different and may be based on the number of orders and the number of accessories & 360 games pre-ordered. An interesting and confusing policy, the way it was described to me. Folks who pre-ordered need to check and if they didn’t order early may be disappointed on first-release day.

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