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Friday Night Football

High School football games here are on Friday nights, but the local paper doesn’t come out until the following Thursday. You’d think that gives me plenty of time to get my pictures ready, but not really. They want to put the paper to bed by Monday afternoon in order to send it to the printers, so they want my images submitted by Sunday morning – earlier if at all possible.

That means that after the players have hit the showers and the band’s got their instruments packed away, I’m downloading images from my camera and starting the selection and editing process.

Last week I submitted two images, one made last night’s paper:

click image to see the newspaper article, while it’s still available.

I had also submitted this picture of the the defense, but since Milton lost perhaps they decided that it wasn’t a good idea to show them. Or maybe they just didn’t have space – this is a pretty tight-budget, advertising-sponsored paper. As the managing editor told me, “every picture I want to include is taking the space of an ad – and pictures don’t bring in revenue.”

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