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Xbox 360 Pricing

picture of the 360
Well, if you care at all about the upcoming Xbox 360, you’ve probably already seen the news but here it is anyway: $399. Console, wireless controller, detachable hard disk, headset, remote control and cables.

Oh yea, and there’s also a lower-cost option, the Xbox 360 Core System, but get real – why bother?

It’s not just the wireless controller ($49), hard disk ($99), media remote ($29) and headset ($19) that you’re getting for the extra $100, it’s access to your current library. That’s right, if you choose the option without the hard disk you can’t play Halo 2, Fable or any of the other games that you enjoy today.

I’ve said all along that the biggest mistake Microsoft could make would be to not make it compatible with older games – the Nintendo mistake. Well, instead of making that mistake, they’re letting customers choose to make it themselves. And you’re too smart to do that, now aren’t you?

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