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I spent Saturday vacationing on Key West, being la…

I spent Saturday vacationing on Key West, being lazy in the hot sun. Well, not really, but I did hang out on the deck (where it was hot enough) and read The Mango Opera. Darn good book, made even better by the fact that I’d just been there a couple of months ago. Corcoran’s description of Alex’s surroundings, the paths he takes and the places he goes took me right back to the island (islands actually, as Alex makes a couple of trips up through the keys to Miami, and even gets to Atlanta once). It was great fun being able to see entire scenes in my mind, in great detail having just been there. Heck, one of the victims is found off the southern end of the old bridge at Bahia Honda, I was on the northern end when I took this picture of our boat moored there.

Here’s an interesting story about Bahia Honda, by the way. If you’ve watched True Lies, you’ve seen the car & harrier chase up seven-mile bridge, ending with the bridge getting blown up. At Bahia Honda there are two bridges, the current one that carries traffic onward to the lower keys, and the old bridge with it’s gap. I’m told that the gap was temporarily repaired, then re-opened for Jamie Lee Curtis’ nick-of-time rescue. True or a local lie legend, it’s a beautiful place to picnic, swim and relax.

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