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This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Monday, April 3, 2000
Yea, we missed the change and were late Sunday morning. sigh. Well, it’s got to happen to someone each year, right? We were just doing our part for society.

Play Ball! Go Bravos! Aaaah, Robins nesting in the shrubs out front, the Braves coming back to roost, and lots of pollen in the air. Nothing like spring, is there?

From RCFOC, Star Wars Probe Droids come to life. Sun clomps on Sunhelp? If the Register reports it, it must be true right? snicker

Can Mir be saved?

A review of The Making Of 2001: A Space Odyssey

…I was convinced I had just experienced one of the most interesting, puzzling, disturbing, confusing and at times beautiful things I ever had encountered.

JPL’s Administrator Daniel S. Goldin on Wednesday (pdf): “Do things that have not been done. Fly things that haven’t been flown. There will be some failure, but when it occurs, we will face the problem together . . . and fix the problem together.”

I’m about halfway finished the P-51 that I picked up at Robbins AFB last weekend.

I did get a chance to finish Beyond the Wild Blue: A History of the United States Airforce. A pretty good book. A little dry but that’s to perhaps be expected considering that it’s meant to be more of a history text than a story. Every Man a Tiger was a lot more fun, though of course didn’t have the same coverage.

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