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This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Posted by Steven, 3/7/00 at 4:54:53 AM.

First of all, let me congratulate Troop 69’s new Senior Patrol Leader, Eric, and the new Patrol Leader of the Frog Patrol… James

Well, it seems that CNN’s caught the MS Office-on-Linux bug. They’re painting a senario when “…one program from your Windows days now runs on your Linux box. It bears the telltale green, orange, yellow, and blue puzzle-piece logo: It’s Microsoft Office.”

Meanwhile, over on MSN, Don Watkins is talking about Windows’ file associations and how to make ’em do what you want. Image that, a computer that does what you want it to! What’s the world coming to? A follow-up question might be “Why do new applications keep grabbing the associations without asking?” Please, developers, keep your users — also known as customers (remember them?) — in mind and ask first.

Somebody called PurpleKnuckles has an article called Let’s Make It A Cross-Platform World over on osOpinion. I agree with some of his conclusions, though not necessarily with the ways he got there. And do we really need more laws? Speak up (click on the CowSkull below), what are your thoughts on the topic.

Some days, you know when you’ve reached the end.

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