They Won’t Take Your Money?

Mike McBride asks for some experiential information from Mac users:

My wife was doing a little on-line shopping today on her Mac and ran into a couple of sites that wouldn’t accept her credit card information. The transactions failed in both Firefox and Safari.

I’ve never had a problem with a shopping site taking my credit card, using Firefox or Safari. The problems that I do run across every now and then are sites that do browser & O/S checking badly (parts of Kaiser Permanente’s site refuse to display on anything other than IE5+/Win, even though their techs swear that they’re completely standards-compliant and browser-neutral) or that insist on using ActiveX components (these are getting fewer and fewer, fortunately.

Shopping sites though? Nope, nobody seems to have any problem taking my money.

Mike, I’d be curious to know what sort of errors she was getting, and what sites they were if you don’t mind sharing.

Me – Off The Net?

I mentioned I’d been off the net today; the funny thing is that I was productively working on a website. E, at TPI, has been good to me in these few months, contracting me to build their new site and finding other gigs to work on for her. This week they’ve got a contract for some content and part of that is web-based, so they called me. I really appreciate that, thanks.

Oh, and as for off the net today – they’re moving their office down the hall, so things are in a bit of disarray. No biggie, we had everything we needed. It was actually pretty nice, working without any network distractions.

A New Site Goes Live

TPI's old websiteFor a few weeks now, I’ve been working on a website project for Tomorrow Pictures, Inc. Their old site, while functional, hadn’t been updated in several years and they weren’t happy with it. They had some ideas, including the color scheme and some basic elements, and we worked together to come up with a design that both pleases them and that they believe will appeal to their customers – both current and potential.

The new site incorporates their new logo and themes, and showcases some of the video work they’ve done recently.TPI's new website Behind the scenes, I’ve made it much easier for them to maintain. Very little is hard-coded; most of the text & links is read from easily-edited text files, and all the thumbnails & videos are “found” by the site’s scripts. When Drew wants to update the shows, he can just delete the thumbnail and movie files and a pair of text files with the descriptions and upload new ones. The site’s scripts dynamically serves up the thumbnails and creates links for the movies, while putting the descriptive text into rollovers and in the movie viewer window.

Of course, as with any project, there’s the possibility of errors or omissions, in either the code or content – and if you see any please let me know. [edit: a week later and nothing’s been noticed as ‘wrong’ yet – that’s always good news] For starters though, Drew and the folks at TPI are very happy with the look and are even happier that they’ll be able to keep it updated without the hassle.


Last week Brendon Schwartz posted How to select Personal View or Shared View in SharePoint 2007, a tip for those of use who are participating in the beta. Brendon and fellow DevCow Dude Matt Ranlett, have done a bunch of good work promoting and teaching about SharePoint in the Atlanta area. Good job, guys.

I’ve been digging deeper into SharePoint lately myself, and have been planning a series of posts introducing Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server for those who may not be familiar with those products; I’m hoping to get time to get started on that in the next week or so.

Pasting into IE7 Window

I downloaded and installed Internet Explorer version 7 (IE7), beta 3 (replacing beta 2); the install appeared to go without hitch and most websites I visit are displaying correctly.IE7 dialog box asking 'Do you want to allow this webpage to access your clipboard?'

I just went to Google Maps though, and something odd’s happening there. I’d copied an address from another window, and every time I try to paste into Google Maps’ input field I get the dialog box shown here. I clicked “Allow access” but nothing was put into the input field. I tried to paste again, but I got the same dialog.

Other web pages let me paste into input fields just fine, so far this is the only place I’ve run into this message. Looking at the source for Google Maps javascript makes my eyes water, but the really interesting thing is in the dialog’s repetition. IE7 shouldn’t keep asking the same question over and over.