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Dave Robicheaux, Lousiana detective

I stopped by to see my friends at Tomorrow Pictures the other day. Drew was busy working with some footage from Australia down in the editing room, so rather than interrupt his train of thought I just hung out in his office and took the opportunity to browse his bookshelf, looking for something I hadn’t […]

Go, then. There are other worlds than these

Salon: We are meant to be here [physicist Paul Davies’] new book, “The Cosmic Jackpot,” will challenge even the most open-minded readers. Without ever invoking God, Davies argues for a grand cosmic plan. The universe, he believes, is filled with meaning and purpose. Sounds interesting. Added to my to-read list.

Bio of a Space Tyrant

Before last week’s vacation, we stopped by the used book store to pick up some light “mind candy” for the trip. I was looking for some of John D. MacDonald‘s books that I’d not read yet, but there weren’t any of those on the shelf. Nor were there any copies of Cell available either. I […]


I just finished reading, upon recommendation from Rick Klau, a techno-thriller called Daemon. Wow. Scary wow. Not Amityville Horror scary or The Shining scary, but Andromeda Strain scary, or Rainbow Six scary – enough “reality” to make you believe that, though the whole story’s an unlikely one, parts of something like this could happen. [much […]

A 16th Book

For Mike (and the rest of us too), I’m going to add a 16th book to my list of Books to Jump-Start 2007: Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone. Though the book jacket blurb may sound like it’s all look out for number one, self-serving business “techniques,” there’s more to it. Like Tim Sanders, Ferrazzi’s point […]

New CSI for an Old Crime

I read a fascinating book this weekend, Ian Wilson’s Murder At Golgotha. Subtitled “Revisiting the Most Famous Crime Scene in History,” it’s an interesting look at Jesus’ crucifixion and other events during Holy Week from a forensic and analytic perspective. While not proving the Bible to be 100% factually correct (neither completely possible nor necessary […]

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