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A Photographer

I walk around Walt Disney World and take pictures. I hang out with the kids playing lacrosse or marching in the band and take pictures. I find things I think are interesting along the side of the road or in my backyard and take pictures of them. But Michael Kamber… I got up and ran […]

A Disney Pano

A panorama shot of Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, made of three pictures taken from Downtown Disney. The pictures were taken with a Kodak EasyShare CS4230 and combined with hugin. In the foreground are part of the Lego brick dragon that lurks along the shore. I’m pretty impressed with hugin. These were taken with […]

Geo-Tagging Inaccuracies

Here’s a little something I noticed while wandering around the maps on flickr… either some people aren’t being terribly exact when they’re geo-tagging their pictures, or some data’s being lost somewhere along the way. There are a bunch of pictures that are obviously in the “wrong place.” This is a cool picture, for example, but […]

Avoiding Photographic Regrets

Jim Goldstein writes in If I Only I Knew Then What I Know Now: The art of improving is by harnessing ones frustration, dissatisfaction and/or curiosity. Pushing oneself to not just practice, but research and experiment is the key to mastering photography… technically in camera or with post-processing. With that in mind the one piece […]

On Photo Retouching, a Third Time

Steve Crandall, quoted in 2004: “It may be that independent cooberation of photos (several images taken from different cameras) are required to give a warm feeling of truth.” This week in Toledo, when several pictures of the same event were compared one was different: “Each paper had its own similar Bluffton picture. But The Blade’s […]

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