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Look Ma - No Hands!

A Photographer

I walk around Walt Disney World and take pictures. I hang out with the kids playing lacrosse or marching in the band and take pictures. I find things I think are interesting along the side of the road or in my backyard and take pictures of them.

But Michael Kamber

I got up and ran to the captain and told him that I had permission to be there and that I was going to do my job. I said they could seize the photos later if they wanted to. He nodded to me. I ran back and knelt by the medic and began to shoot as he checked vital signs and searched for puncture wounds.

Delgado asked me to help him again as he bandaged the wounded man’s arms. I was glad for the request and put down the camera. Helping bandage the soldier made me feel like less of a vulture.

he’s a photographer.


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